Praise for the book Get Out Of IT While You Can

"Craig's message inspires all employees to realize their role in driving organizational success. A must-hear message for all!"

- Betty Barhorst, President, Madison Area Technical College


"Craig's message is universal. Anyone in any department (not just IT) can benefit from this message. And it applies to private sector and public sectors equally. The more we understand Craig's message in the public sector, the more we can focus on the true business of government."

- Matt Miszewski, CIO, State of Wisconsin


"I have been echoing the Get out of IT message to my staff ever since I heard it!"

- Reid Engstrom, Director of IS, Harley-Davidson


"Getting out of IT and into your industry is what it takes to be great in IT. Great message!"

- Mark Henderson, Section Head Technical Support Services, Mayo Clinic


"Everyone in IT can benefit from this message. It will get them, their IT organization, their company and the real customer to a better place."

- Judy Murphy, Vice President Information Services, Aurora Healthcare


"Getting out of IT and into your industry is the catalyst for innovation that drives real business value."

- Carl Christiansen, CIO, Marshfield Clinic


This simple message eludes many in this world. Our job is to support the business, if people don't get this, success is impossible.

- Mike Jones, CIO, Children's Hospital


"Craig's book is really about leadership. He articulates a key thought process that drives great leaders at all levels of successful organizations."

- Dirk Debbink, President, MSI General